Getting out of Stress into Flow and Relaxation

Through a powerful synergy of Healing, Awareness, Transformation, Exploration, Alignment, Empowerment, Relaxation and Fun……

Quantum Touch and Transformation Coaching

Life Force Energy Healing, Transformation through changing perspective, Who and What Am I Exploration, Structural Alignment (skeletal), Empowerment (start to learn how to do this yourself), Relaxation…..


Flow of life, being present and aware while experiencing life.

Flow, also known as the zone, a mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does.


A release of tension, a return to equilibrium.

Let me help you to resolve what is not working for you so you can be on track, happy and free to enjoy your life.

In-person and distant session available.

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The Miraculous Healing Power of Our Life Force Energy

Quantum-Touch is a method of natural healing that uses the principles of resonance and entrainment to work with the Life-Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness.  

Using the Quantum-Touch techniques of focusing and amplifying a high vibrational field of Life-Force Energy is created that, when offered to an area of pain, stress, inflammation or disease allows the client’s body to entrain to this higher vibration, thus amplifying the body’s ability to heal itself with surprising and often extraordinary result.

Quantum-Touch is totally non-invasive. It works equally well at in-person and at distant sessions.  The “Touch” is taking place on the energetic quantum level, which is likely the energetic level from where all things physical originate.  

Quantum Touch increases the available Life Force Energy for the Self Healing Potential of Body and Mind and in this manner it is able to provide Effective, Gentle, Healing Support for All Health Issues!

It works for reducing or even totally eliminating physical and emotional pain.  It is great for reducing stress, headaches, migraines, muscle aches, infections, burns, bruises and other injuries including anything to do with bones, soft tissues, skin, glands and organs.  There have been good results helping people attain correct blood pressure, managing cancer, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune diseases.  It has been shown to be particularly effective at correcting structural alignment including straightening scoliosis and bow legs.  It is even possible to use it for pregnancy and childbirth support, to help improve eyesight and dental health.  Or just have a session for relaxation and an overall revitalizing, balancing tune-up.

Each session is unique and totally tailored to you.  You can either be seated, lying down or standing up, whatever you prefer.  Although it is called Quantum Touch there is no need to touch you physically for it to work so it is totally non-invasive.  The “touch” is taking place on the energetic quantum level, this is most likely the energetic level from where all things physical originate.

Many amazing profound physical and emotional healings have taken place through the use of Quantum Touch.  Please click here for healing testimonials.

Try it for yourself to experience how this form of natural healing works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal well-being in a most relaxed, gentle, non-invasive way.

You will discover that the body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself.  Quantum Touch helps to maximize the body’s own capacity to heal by seeking out the root cause (rather than just working on symptoms the underlying cause of the dis-ease is addressed) and providing the opportunity for healing to occur.

It accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself.  It is non-invasive, gentle and usually very effective.  

Click here to read more about what Quantum Touch is.

From DNA to bones, all cells and systems respond seemingly effortlessly to the raised resonance of Quantum Touch.

For people, animals, plants and the Earth.

For Quantum Touch training click here.

Transformation Coaching

Access a life experience that brings you joy and contentment. 

Start to become aware of your stumbling blocks and find ways that work for you to evolve yourself. In our present day times this is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.  

Be gently but firmly supported in your journey towards a more honest, effective and satisfying life experience.  

Coaching sessions are available via phone, Skype and in person. Sessions can be combined with Quantum Touch energy healing for an even more supportive, balanced, all round result.

What People Say

Gwen is the best energy healer I have met. She helped me reinforce a new direction in my quest for personal health and inner peace.

Peter Thompson, Australia

I had 5 sessions with Gwen now, when I was in the sessions I was really hungry for the energy, it felt that I was eating up all the energy. At the end of the first session I was already felt energized, not that tired, some aches already gone, I could breathe better, some pain had disappeared. Overall I had very good results, I like to continue to receive treatments from Gwen.


Working with Gwen, a real calmness enters my head and soul. When I enter into Gwen’s space and sit down with her to debrief on ‘how’s your week been?’, the anxiety and every day concerns that rattle us all fades away. I get so relaxed I often fall asleep on her massage table.

David Bradbury, Australia

Feel more peace and balance in the mind and body.  Able to sit with more ease.


Bruised my toe so badly I could not put weight on it.  After only a short session the pain was gone and I was able to use my foot normally again, amazing.


I feel energised, lighter, different, stronger core, open heart and aware head…


Sessions actually get to the core, feel very aligned and am very happy with the sessions.


My headache would clear after a structural alignment session.  It took a few sessions as I kept carrying heavy weights and as it turned out my hips and neck kept going out of alignment.  Now it has taken and I have not been out of alignment for a good while. Thank you!


I feel put back together again, I feel very relaxed, I feel all over clearer and more open, really feel good and grateful, the sessions have been wonderful.

Gwen is an extraordinary coach, having strong listening skills, deeply understanding a client’s situation in a short time and designing strategies to move the person forward. I had the pleasure of receiving her total attention while sharing my actual challenge; she displayed total care and focus, finally being able to offer a creative solution that I’m now implementing. She is really a very creative, caring and smart coach! Thanks!

Nora Femenia, Ph.D.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Gwen in a success coaching session. Her gentle, confident, and capable demeanor immediately made me feel at ease. Gwen talked me through a very challenging dilemma that has been impeding my ability to move forward proactively with a new business venture. Gwen worked with me to discover some excellent suggestions, which I have already begun implementing. She provided just the right dose of support and empowerment that I needed. I look forward to working with Gwen again soon.
Sydney Thomas

Gwen coached me over a period of 6 weeks, during this time she explored the difficulties in my life that I was dealing with and helped me to find constructive ways of overcoming these problems and achieving great outcomes. I would highly recommend Gwen as a personal Life Coach!
Rachel Walker
, Australia

Gwen recently coached me on what appeared to be a place at which I was stuck. After a brief conversation, Gwen was able to ask just the right question to help me really think about what success would look like. Gwen was supportive and really helped me to move on. I highly recommend her.”
Kathleen Murphy

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Gwen because she has a remarkable intuition and asked just the right questions to draw me to my own conclusions in a comfortable and creative manner. She put me completely at ease and I felt connected which enabled us to make effective use of our time. If you want to talk to someone to help move you forward, to get unstuck, I recommend you talk with Gwen.
Jean McKay


Hello, my name is Gwen Channer, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, Success & Life Transformation Coach, Modern Hypnotist and Modern Psychology Practitioner.

This is a short introduction as to how I have come to support others in their health, well-being and happiness goals.

My gratitude goes to my children for offering me the opportunity to learn and develop in ways that have been both varied, surprising, challenging and strengthening.

As a mother of 4 young children living a fair distance from the nearest town I was regularly challenged with little accidents, mishaps and the occasional illness that I had to deal with myself.

This combined with my own innate reluctance to visit “the doctor” led me to search for, research, study and practice plenty of healing approaches including, Homeopathy, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Craniosacral, Herbs, Nutrition, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Touch, Modern Psychology, etc.

Next to that I read and studied many spiritual, religious and personal development books and attended courses.  When what I learned made sense and resonated with me I applied or tried to apply it in my daily life.  Being very logical, open and common sense minded has helped me stay very grounded and present in the here and now.

Over the years I have been very successful in raising my children, independently from any medical support, to become healthy, active, strong and confident individuals.

When I discovered Quantum Touch I knew I had found the most wonderful, effective, non-invasive, healing way of helping others and myself.  I am now dedicated to practice this modality professionally and to spread the message that this available to all of us.  We can all learn to do this.

Of course as a Quantum Touch practitioner I have my own style as I bring to it my own unique life experience as anyone who becomes a practitioner does.  

As I practiced I realised that combining Quantum Touch with my other training, including my work as a Life Coach and Modern Hypnotist, made for an especially powerful mix. This has evolved naturally into a unique process that brings great benefit and joy to the people I work with.

Well-being workshops have come forth out of a desire to be able to help more people become aware of their own innate power, develop it and to start them off on their way to being in charge of their own life experience.


Please contact me for appointments, to join a workshop or for more information.

In person sessions are available by appointment at different times of the year in Australia, UK and The Netherlands.

Phone, Skype and Remote sessions are available by appointment world-wide all the time.

Special Stories

To read some of the AMAZING stories of great Quantum Touch results from around the world follow the links below.


Quantum-Touch, Coaching, Hypnotherapy or any other services provided by Gwen Channer are not intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.